Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons are finished for the season, and will resume on March 1st, 2018

Swimming Lessons

We are now offering swimming lessons at our Mormon Trek Blvd location. Lesson are open to both member and non-member’s children. There are many advantages to getting started with swimming lessons at an early age including pool safety, health and fitness, as well as just having fun and enjoying the water.

All Core Fitness Swim Instructors are CPR Certified teachers.

Summer Swim Lessons

Special 6 Week Pricing: $35.00*

Sign up now at the front desk

Parents and Tots (6 months- 36 months)

  • Thursdays 9:20am-10:00am
  • Introduction to water safety and comfort.
  • Submerging face, blowing bubbles, assisted front and back floats, gliding and kicking.
  • Safe water entry and exit.
  • 30 minutes of instruction and 10 minutes of free time.
  • *Parents will be in the pool with the child

Level 1: Toddler/Preschool

  • Thursdays 10:05am-10:45amThursdays 9:20am-10:00am
  • Enter and exit skills.
  • Work on submerging face and becoming comfortable in the water through interactive games and exercises.
  • Learn basic arm and leg motions that are later used with front crawl and back crawl.
  • 35 minutes of instruction and 5 minutes of free time.

Level 2: Basic Aquatic Skills

  • Wednesdays 4:00pm- 4:40pm
  • Review of swimming specific leg and arm motions.
  • Introduction to front crawl and back crawl with assistance.
  • Introduction to kick boards.
  • Jumping into the pool, submerging the face, and breath holding skills.
  • Kicking off side and retrieving objects.

Level 3: Stroke Development and Refinement

  • Wednesdays 4:45pm- 5:25pm
  • Review of front crawl and back crawl with assistance.
  • Introduction to independent front and back crawl.
  • Introduction to underwater swimming, whip kick and scissor kick.
  • Introduction to treading water and side stroke.

Level 4: Advanced Stroke Development and Refinement

  • Not Currently Offered
  • Rhythmic breathing/rotary breathing
  • Back crawl and front crawl with rotary breathing
  • Breaststroke
  • Elementary backstroke and side stroke
  • Turning at the wall
  • Tread water
  • Intro to butterfly

Sign Up Information

  • Parents can sign their children up for lessons at Core Fitness Mormon Trek.
  • Children need to be potty trained.
  • Children will need to be dressed and ready when their session starts.
  • Children can be dropped off to the Kid’s Club before lessons start and Core Fitness staff will bring children to the pool area when lessons start of parents would like to workout during class. Parents are expected to be in the pool at the conclusion of the lesson.

Please speak with the Core Fitness front desk employees or email using the link below if you have any questions.

Private Lessons

Core Fitness also offers private lesson upon request.

  • $40 per 45 minutes for Core Fitness members
  • $100 for three 45 minute session for Core Fitness members
  • $50 per 45 minutes for non-Core Fitness members